All movement and coaching sessions take place in the outdoor practice space with a vast stretch of mediterranean sea on the horizon.

With 24+ years of coaching and training experience, I offer a flowing, dynamic, rejuvenating practice on the mat, on the Pilates reformer and in the application of coaching strategies both traditional and intuitive.

Participants are encouraged to practice at their own level and pace for the duration of the retreat, whilst being stimulated and encouraged to reach for their own ‘next level’.

Adjustments are provided in all classes in order to support individual development as well as maintaining a safe environment with respect to the individual participant. 

There is space on the outdoor practice space for 15 people but I have chosen to limit residential participation to 8 people (+2-4 non residential participants ) as a commitment to a quality retreat experience for all.

Matwork classes utilise the small apparatus such as rollers, balls, bands etc and Pilates reformer classes are carried out on new, high quality reformers. Each participant has the use of their ‘own’ reformer allowing for a fully dynamic flowing practice for beginners and advanced students alike.

NLP/hypnotherapy sessions (e.g the stop smoking retreat and the creative coaching retreat) combine movement sessions with coaching sessions to guide participants through their own transformative processes. Sometimes we work in groups, sometimes in pairs and sometimes in focused one-one-one sessions.