The Invitation

Let’s sit.

Let’s talk.

Let’s be.

Let’s eat nourishing, soulful food.

Let’s discover what lies within ourselves and others and speak from our hearts.

Let’s acknowledge our deep, innate power.

Let’s sit in silence.

Blessed beautiful bountiful silence.

Both on and off the mat, let’s meet our bodies, in our bodies.
​Just as we are.
​In both application of form and in freedom of thought, movement and speech let’s be free.

Observing what we want and where we want to go, let’s encourage and inspire ourselves… and each other… to develop and go deeper. Within process and with intuition.

Let’s support each other. Listening and being listened to.

Let’s sing together. Sing from the heart. Sing in unity, in connection, in courage and in freedom.

Let’s dance together, to the beat of the drum, to the beat of our hearts, in joy and in liberation.

Let’s be silent together, pursuing nothing.

For we have everything, just waiting to be experienced.


Come as you are

Let’s journey from effortlessness into effortlessness

Let’s discover our deepest power

Let’s discard what we think we are and embrace what we naturally are
letting anxiety and pressure, judgement and feeling judged fall away, un-needed

Let’s play
Oh yes!
Yes. Let’s play

Let’s offer thanks, appreciation and gratitude for our receiving

Let’s give of ourselves without expectation, without asking or owning

This is.

You are.

​We are.


To just be.

Supported. Loved. Nourished.