I am not your teacher

You are.



When your great strength takes you and shakes you and you agree to walk forward


You find the beings who will prompt you to go further.




I am not your teacher

You are.


I am a prompter of sorts, when asked to prompt.

A holder of space.



​Space divinely held

So that you can show your divine self the way.



In these 40  international years

from those who have been my space-holders

I have gathered many gifts


Certifications in movement forms and coaching practices rich and broad

​Experience, long and deep, in group and individual development/performance practice


But that’s not why I’m here



I’ve gathered tools



Elements which weave and wend along the continuum of life’s ebb and flow 

But those aren’t the resources through which you access your power


You are


You have all that you need to access your innate power



There all along, that which never  leaves you is yours to access in any moment ​


 In receiving and assimilating from those who’ve shared their knowledge

I’ve written and delivered teacher training courses

given and received presentations


and journeyed into simplicity and silence again and again.


I’ve lived and loved, birthed and buried on the world’s great shores of life.


From England to Australia, from Asia to Holland.

From India… and back to India…again and again and again

and for 5 years now, here, in Ibiza

at this

all loving, all living

 ​nature rich home and practice space that is

The Lighthouse

Immersing myself in the accumulation of all that is my life’s journey thus far

Quite simply

Being and Offering


My greatest gift?


Those who come to discover, to learn and to enrich their lives through their own doing.


Prompting me

to be my own greatest teacher

From rest and richness, depth and dynamism

here at the Lighthouse

I invite you to come

and be your own greatest teacher


In fun, in lightness and in laughter

​Welcome to my Lighthouse