About Scarlett

My name is Scarlett Lee Hunter and I live in Ibiza and Amsterdam.

I’m an artist and ‘teacher’ of movement and stillness.

I’m an NLP (neuro linguistic programming) Practitioner. A holder of space for human development.

I’m an artist of all things human nature.

An artist through the lens and on the painted canvas, of the performance space and with written word.

I have been working with people in movement, performance and human development for 24 years and am qualified to teach/coach a broad range of movement disciplines in a broad range of ‘communities’.

In my practice, I bring modalities of movement, coaching and meditation together, in a deep and enriching journey which I call Dynamic Coaching.

I am qualified to work with individuals and groups in the application of training strategies and have spent many years applying and developing formulae for successful outcomes within sports specific, peak performance, yoga, postural alignment, fitness and rehabilitation arenas.

Setting strategies and formulas to one side, whilst allowing my work to be enriched by their inherent value, I now invite participation in an intuitive and playful, explorative space.

Sifting through the treasures of my work thus far, my essential place of truth and inspiration is in supporting present-moment awareness in movement and in stillness….

In holding space for all that springs from being free and spontaneous.

It is from this place of great enthusiasm, great inspiration and great love that I invite you to come and join me.


Stay a while and wander with me.

I’ll put the kettle on.


I am not your teacher