Flying across borders between my Ibiza retreats I pondered the subject of authenticity in relation to the work we create and put forth in the world.  .

So here, an unedited message, from an aeroplane, on the subject of authenticity and plagiarism….


Wipe the sweat off your brow.

On the subject of ‘plagiarism’, those who pass off your words as theirs, are saying:

“I’m modelling you.

You are my mentor (although I dare not approach you directly).

You are my inspiration.

I, too, identify with your words and so much so, that I am able to convince myself and others that I am you. And I believe that in so doing, I will attract more of what I want in my own life and in the lives of others. ”

They are saying:

” I’ve been watching you for some time, or only for a short time, but you’ve struck a chord in me that lights me up, that makes my heart sing.”

They are saying:

“I love you and I love your words and married with a strong desire to be a role model for all that I believe in and to share my message as far and wide as I can (and perhaps profit from it along the way) I am willing to cut myself off from my own self and my own words to revel in the solace of ‘make believe’.”

They are saying:

“For a short while (this illusion too shall pass and soon) I am elated and empowered in creating leverage through another or another’s words or art.”

They are saying:

“You’re an example that I am so inspired to find, that I take the liberty to step into your shoes and pretend that I am you and that your words are mine. I didn’t ask you because I knew you would say No. I don’t know how to ask for support/guidance on embodying my own unique expression and giving it voice.

They are saying:

“Everyone seems so capable and so successful in this social media world. I’m not planning on getting left behind. So as a matter of survival, with great courage, I did it anyway, took your words as mine to rescue myself, or to boost myself, or to lift my depression, or to create abundance that I believe is the answer to my happiness (likes/dollars/comments/retreats).”

And I say to us all on the subject of word ‘theft’……

Seen your words elsewhere? Without your ‘permission’?

You can choose not to be a victim.

Let it delight you that you stand seen and recognised and that your words are shared and shared again. Take it as an honour that others see fit to spread your message above all other messages.

It’s a good sign and so it is.

Hand it to those who borrow your words for helping to drive the momentum on something that was so important to you that you entered into a divine state to let it flow forth and took the courage to SHARE it with the world. And at that, a world seemingly pre-occupied with perfection. You drove your message out there with great insight, and it worked. Someone picked it up and ran with it.

Let go of the attachment to your words ‘belonging’ to you and let go of the competitiveness that has you miffed that someone else speaks ‘your’ truth. In an instant, free of attachment and competition, you can create another epic and another and another and another. The only ones able to keep up to speed with that are the ones who have, themselves, opened the floodgates of their own creativity. The ones who need no guards at the gates. You have nothing to fear except your own clipping of your own wings.

Your words may appear pleasing to you because you mistakenly assume that their pleasingness is about you. But far deeper than that is your relationship with the core from which your words were created. And you know it. Otherwise you would be doing something very different with your time.

Beyond the exquisite human manifestation of brain and brawn that you are, lies an infinite, ever- accessible pool of shared creativity, a limitless resource that we not only share but are all made of, in our co-existence, in the abstract and the tangible. How much of that you grasp is determined by how much you dare to grasp. You’ve leapt once and you can leap again. And again. And again.

Your truth is delightful to share because you CAN share it, on this planet, in this body…. not so that you can be recognised as the one who gave birth to those words. That’s just smooching with yourself. Nothing wrong with your self-smooch, but you have the capacity to dance, make love, and stand eye-to-eye with a far greater pool of playmates than only yourself.

Your truth is delightful to share because you are inspired. On fire. Because you have the capacity. An endless, unfathomably huge capacity to share it so authentically.

And listen up: Your truth and your words are LIMITLESS.

Unless you choose to limit them by pointing the finger indignantly (un-resourceful state). If you have something to say in response, then say it, from your depth and resourcefulness and inspiration. Let it be a stepping up, not a stepping down. You couldn’t possibly express in one life time all that you are capable of expressing, such is your abundance, when you tune in to your great power.

You will not get it all out or down on paper/canvas/film before you ‘die’. So just get on with it. Mind your own incredible, limitless business. Getting busy with, commenting on or giving thought or word or judgement to what someone else is doing is merely a distraction, unless you choose elevation instead.

Every time someone takes your words as your own, they raise the bar for you.

And you step up to your next level to meet your calling. To speak your truth.

Your truth never becomes somebody else’s truth! You’ve already lived it. And there are galaxies more, just waiting to be lived by you, according to your own choosing, your own liberty.

You think your power is limited because one single individual or even ten-fold or 100 fold individuals on this throbbing heartbeat of an earth ignores your copyright? This is an impossible notion thrust onto your conscious logical thinking mind as part of a ‘me/them’ paradigm. The only thing which could possibly limit your power is you.

That tiny little “C”in a circle, designed to say “Mine, hands-off, do not reproduce” etc? You’re incensed that someone walked right by, whistling a jolly little tune, with your work tucked under their arm, ignoring your command? Or the command of the law, god(dess) forbid? You perceive them as laughing all the way to the bank or the awards ceremony, or, at the very tip of the iceberg, with your social media ‘likes’ or ‘followers’? YOUR followers, YOUR likes.

Self cast, you suffer in violation, in indignation, in your garret (or your mansion as it may be) wail about how you worked so hard and the other did not and you pen your words of war in the belief that you’ve had something stolen from you? You did not work hard. You tuned in and set yourself on fire with intuition and connection. You gained. They missed out, playing “Skip 9 steps and go straight to Publish”, missing the point.

Your creativity can never be stolen. Those who assume your identity, in a parody of suffering and attempted self-elevation, are in need of your next creative bomb. And so are you. By all means, set your boundaries and allow them to create the definitions of space, object, word that are helpful to your craft. And then set yourself free. To focus on what you truly want throbbing within you.

So next time someone models you and in their own struggle to meet themselves passes your work off as their own; in their mistaken belief that your words need to be married with their name/profile, so that they too can have such a precious gift as you have, Give Thanks.

Recognise your pain and indignation and leap with full association into your Self-With-No-Limits. Give thanks for the expansion of you and give thanks that your message spreads ever further and ever wider with ever greater momentum.

You are fucking amazing and no-one can steal that. The material is simply a representation. Rise up and feel the energy stirred within you, and give birth to the next level. Complaining and blaming is a waste of your precious gift and a missed opportunity to evolve. Time is passing. This life. Blink and it’s gone.

To those who take another’s words….

Come, come this way and see what I see. Yes, I see you already did, and let’s look further… there is something far deeper beneath those precious words….come and while away the hour with me and see what’s here. Let me ignite you with an even greater pleasure than a momentary foray into ‘make believe’.

You too can do it….write your own truth. And with incredible intelligence.

You may have been told, in school, in family, through media conditioning that you are not good enough but you know, in your depths, that you are exquisite and that your creativity is utterly unique and infinitely powerful. Your contrasting emotions (and resulting ‘make believe’) are a sign of your knowing how powerful you are and a sign that you’re working your way deeper into yourself. Take off the mantel of another and wear your own. Feel your stature. Look through your own eyes and dare to tell us what you see. I bet my own ears will be full of wonder at what I hear from you.

Lift yourself up, look yourself squarely in the eye and say, “I DO”. Then leap right into the heart of yourself to see what’s there. Take your courage with you because what you find there will blow you away. You thought someone else’s words were good?

Try your own.

I’ll bet you, if you commit fully and make love to focus and self belief, you’ll never return from the depths of creative delight and satisfaction (and abundance). Yours too can be a playful, gleeful meandering among precious gifts, with no stone left unturned. And when the going gets tough, recognise that it’s your deeper consciousness showing you ever deeper. Turn your thinking upside down and learn to LOVE the ‘Aaargh’ moments or the dry moments, for in that abyss lies the next level. The natural ebb and flow of creative inspiration that makes the ‘feelings’ (so important to the art) possible.

Friend, stranger, fellow artist….Don’t miss out. There is nothing more satisfying than your own act of pure authentic creativity. To yourself and to others.

Oh and on the subject of $$$$$, you can earn way, way more being your own self than you ever will ‘being’ someone else. For in illusion, lies limit… a projected version of yourself without the spirit of you. There is nothing more pleasing than finding your own words to express your own message.

And the people? They want YOU. The spirited, full version of you. Because we thrive in diversity. Natural born thriving and natural born diversity.

In taking another’s words and making them your own, you cut yourself off from your true authenticity and you cut yourself off from experiencing the manifesting belief that your very own words are within you and are powerful beyond measure.

And boy does that hurt you. Stop looking the other way as your deeper self winces at your own hand.

If you widen your self belief and reach into that space of ultimate resourcefulness, you will be a trailblazer with such acuity in your message and with such generosity of giving that your heart will sing with joy at your own words and the need to ‘make believe’ will fall away.

Dive in and watch. Watch what happens as the way opens up. Watch what happens as those you only dreamed of interacting with, reach forward to touch you and reach deep into your eyes with theirs to ask, “Can I, too, do that?” or “Will you dance with me?” or better still, “Do I see myself in you and you in me?”

Rise up. Step into your own shoes and live vibrantly in connection to yourself.

Go on. Try it.

Look yourself in the eye, give yourself a firm handshake and leap with full commitment into yourself.

Stay there a while, linger longer and watch attentively. See what you see and feel what you feel and hear what you hear. Take note. Allow your words to become manifest. Walking forward, manifest some more and yet some more. That’s where your masterpiece lies.

I’ll wait here for you. The kettle’s on, although I sense I might be waiting a while.

With love


Scarlett Lee Hunter
IG @scarlett.lee.hunter

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