A Study. White/Simple.

I’ve had a wonderful, lifelong love of object and colour and have a lot of fun with my collection of intriguing objects and props from around the world.

Whilst the love of object and colour continues, through creating and viewing still life, I’ve stumbled upon an entirely fresh way of looking at both within the compositional frame and thus around my home. Happily, I find myself making an about-turn and embracing a growing minimalism move and I’m super excited about the way that object and colour are now pleasing me in an entirely different way.

The longer I spend seeing life through the lens, the more objectively I view the world around me. I love this exercise in looking, in seeing and being affected by the scene. I love being shifted by this practice.

It has become very clear to see, both through the lens and reflected back to me through the photographed image that less object, more space and careful use of colour or perhaps, still, full-on carefree boldness of colour paired with more (very much more) space is the generosity that currently inspires me. This is a major shift for me! Seeing and feeling the space and giving the objects space to breathe sets me going forward with peaceful, creative clarity of thought. This way the next ideas just reveal themselves to me and there is greater storytelling cohesion between the pairings and between shoots and their presentations.

This has been the single most surprising revelation to me on this path so far and in celebration, I’m exploring white space. Or if not white, then empty space, or if not empty then simple space, with simple hints of colour, letting the storytelling unfold, leaving space for individual perception rather than trying to tell the story.

When I view the images I’ve used in exploring white/simpler/more minimal in the posts on my blog, I see that there is still a lot going on in some of them and that it could be interesting to simplify things even further….

The more I enjoy pared back simplicity, the happier I am. Creatively and personally. Space for the sake of space. Space to breathe.