Today it rained.

For the first time for 9 months.

In celebration, I sat by the window with my tea and watched the darkness of night lift as cool dawn mists rolled over the mountain.

It was such a soothing sight after a season of drought and endless days of piercing sunlight. Of the beautiful but relentless intensity of a mediterranean summer.

I watched the dawn light reach delicate flowers on the tree outside…. the rain drops rolling down the pink lilac-ness of the petals, drawing them downwards under their watery weight. Rain drops hanging on pointed fragility. A silent suspension before the release.


Pulling on my wellies I went out into the misty mountain-scape with Chispa to collect rained-upon things and smell rained-upon earth…

After these many years of living in England, Australia, India, Holland and now Spain, I have come to the conclusion that there is nothing quite so wonderful as a good dose of seasonal rain.