Scarlett Lee Hunter




Supporting your journey in creativity, health and connection.



Barre // Yoga // Pilates // NLP // Nutrition // Hypnotherapy // Life Coaching // Creativity // Meditation












There is only this moment.


Right here.


 Right now.


Are you living it?


 Truly living it?


In connection, in freedom and in health? 



There is just one fundamental role that I embody in my
Dynamic Coaching practice.


I remind you how to guide yourself, in embodying your inherent talents and in connecting with others through theirs.
I help you to take the driving seat in your life and reach for the epic heights that you are capable of reaching.


Mentally, physically and emotionally.


In movement and in stillness.


You get to bring your wildest dreams and deepest fears, your proudest moments and your buried secrets, your celebrations and your procrastinations, your addictions and anxieties and your many, many great successes.
You get to bring all aspects of your experience and let them speak and act as powerful catalysts in taking you where you know you can go. 
Where you have, infact, already gone. 


There are no limits in your life.

Those which you perceive are not, infact, limits but opportunities for growth. You need only step out. Step up. And keep on stepping.      One clear move at a time.


Reaching for your deepest insights, you let the illusions of limitation dissolve as you move forward with ease and joyful abandon. 
Embarking on this journey you get to not only remember, but to feel your immeasurable power.
You get to feel the infinite joy to be experienced in every aspect of your life, even those areas in which trust and hope may be lacking.  


I get to help you to re-kindle trust, re-ignite hope, decipher dreams and lay out clear action plans.


Let’s take a journey together.

An adventure of revelation and transformation.

Let’s celebrate your greatness and reach forward….ever forward.

With a single, powerful point of focus:




Amazing, infallible, irresistible You.



Come and retreat with me in Ibiza

The Invitation



Some people prefer to book a private, one-on-one retreat or a couples retreat.

This allows flexibility of dates and duration, and provides an opportunity to go deeper on any level that calls you.

Clients booking private/couples retreats are often at a crossroads, looking for (self) guidance in reaching upwards and onwards in connection with themselves, their partner and critically, their life purpose.

During one-on-one retreats we spend our time in intensive discourse with hiking, yoga and meditation, hypnosis, NLP, movement meditation and bodywork as supportive modalities of development in accessing our clarity of direction. 

Simply put, private retreats are an opportunity to get super clear on what your want and super focused in taking action in any aspect of your life or relationship.

Private/couples retreats are priced at 500 Euros PER DAY per person and can be of any duration.


Group Retreats 2019



(Please email for dates)

Setting ourselves free from expectations and ‘goals’ we’ll traverse the high seas of human experience with yourself at your own helm.

We’ll rediscover how to tap into our inner and outer resources in order to access our greatest purpose. 

We’ll guide ourselves to the core of our authentic alignment from which our actions unfold with greatest ease and efficiency.

On this retreat, spontaneity allows us to tune in, flow, identify direction and re-adjust as necessary in moving into our place of greatest attunement.


Body image and the inner language of health – 7 days.

Themed around our relationship with our body and our states of health and wellbeing and open to any topic you may wish to bring to the studio floor, Hypnotherapy and NLP are at the heart of this 7 day retreat. Spontaneous and flowing, we’ll embrace topics and emerging themes as they come up and hold space for each other in our exploration, in movement and stillness.


As the island’s seasonal shift facilitates cooler quieter introspective qualities of being,  we’ll take to the surrounding mountains and coastline to hike, meditate, swim and reflect as we facilitate each other’s unfolding and flowing towards our ‘next level’.

Afternoon one-one-one sessions and group studio sessions are centred around the topics you wish to bring to your sessions. Anything goes as we explore the structure of our inner and outer language in meeting ourselves authentically and with deep honesty.

We’ll work with our physical selves on the mat and in space and explore our patterns of thinking and action whilst identifying our desired states and the path of greatest ease and joy towards them.



Winter on the island is a precious time.

A maximum of 6 people on this retreat allows us to gather around the fire in self reflection, foodism and ritual, reconnecting with our innate healing power through NLP, Hypnotherapy and intuitive ‘foodism’.

Together, we’ll prepare abundant plant based meals and enjoy playing with the principles of healthy nutrition with simplicity and ease.

Using hypnosis techniques to tune into our deep unconscious, we’ll rediscover how to listen to our bodies in relation to our nutritional needs, possible addictions and any physical states of imbalance.

A key aspect of this retreat is discovering how to make way for a connected healthy indulgence into our desires – on any topic – with food as our starting point.

Afternoon Movement and Stillness sessions in the studio will allow for connection to our physical selves, as well as connection to each other in  exploring and feeding back about any topic that comes up in body, mind and spirit.


am not your teacher……. You are…..